Small Block, A Toddler’s Delight

A few Saturdays ago with friends, I found Small Block to be the ideal cafe for brunch with a toddler who’s just finding his toddle. The waiters were so friendly and accommodating as Finn squirmed out of my arms and insisted on pushing his highchair through the Saturday brunch crowd.


Small Block
130 Lygon St
Brunswick, VIC
03 9381 2244

For the first time in a long time I felt like I fit into the trendy cafe culture again even with bubs in tow. Often eating out with a baby/toddler means choosing somewhere relaxed with good facilities for children (but not such great food) or going somewhere where you can eat well but not relax. Thankfully, at Small Block, not only could I sit and relax knowing there was a change-table if we needed it (we did!), a high-chair (one of a few funky vintage highchairs I noticed) and understanding staff, the menu was also interesting and my meal delicious.

Finn and I shared poached eggs with beetroot relish, spinach and the nicest creamiest marinated goats cheese which was the highlight for both of us.


What cheered me the most was the friendly fellow patrons, smiling at Finn, bringing him back the toys he hurled in their direction and not just accommodating him but actually encouraging him to come over and explore their hand-bags and umbrellas. Just the outing Finn and I needed after weeks of being stuck at home with the winter flues and blues. I also spied a gorgeous little drawing table with some coloured pencils and toys, so we may just have to visit again when Finn is a little older…

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