Mother’s Day Giveaway, WIN an i&u dress

Competition Closed, Congratulations to Esther Hur

Breastfeeding? Pregnant? Neither?

You need this dress!

I am so excited to be announcing this giveaway from Innovation and You (i&u)! With Mother’s Day coming up I wanted to offer all you hard working mummy’s (and mum’s to be) something to spoil you and make you feel gorgeous. With everything we do for our little ones (even before they are born) we sure deserve something just for us. If you are anything like me you are far more likely to go to the shops to buy something for your kids than you are to shop for yourself. So now is your chance to get something just for you!


If you are pregnant or breastfeeding then what you probably need but won’t get around to buying for yourself is a new dress that you feel comfortable and beautiful in. I’m sure we have all tried to make our pre-baby clothes work for pregnancy and breastfeeding but as I have discovered on many awkward occasions this doesn’t always work. I tried very hard to get wear out of my most loved pre-baby dresses well into my second and even third trimester of pregnancy while working in an office. Yes my bump would fit under the billow of my dress but unfortunately this made the skirt significantly shorter as my belly grew and I eventually had to admit defeat. Breastfeeding afforded a whole new set of challenges for my old wardrobe and I think my worst moment was trying to breastfeed on a crowded train, while Finn made excited and increasingly desperate hungry noises as I struggled to free his lunch from a dress where the only escape route was to be lifted and hoisted above the neck line.

After I posted about my new favourite breastfeeding dress from i&u, I got to talking to founder and designer, Lalia, and she offered to give one of you lucky readers one of her gorgeous dresses. Lucky you!

Designed for mums by a mum, i&u’s mission “is to help tackle the everyday problems new parents have by introducing products that are simple, innovative and most importantly, affordable.” The dresses are soft and comfortable enough to wear to bed but stylish enough to wear out. They are made from 95% Bamboo and 5% Spandex and have an inbuilt elastic, so you don’t need to wear a bra. An i&u dress will see you all the way through your pregnancy and beyond and come in a variety of short and long styles, with and without overlays. The cute little magnetic clasps allow for quick and easy breastfeeding in public. Read more about why I love these dresses here.

Pop on over to i&u and receive 20% off all dresses as part of the Pramsandwich Mother’s Day Giveaway Promotion! You can pick up a gorgeous i&u dress for just $40 from now until Mother’s Day! Just like i&u on Facebook and Pramsandwich on Facebook and mention Pramsandwich when finalising your purchase. I&u offer more than just dresses, with products designed to help bub sleep and make nappy changing easier.


How to Enter Giveaway:
1) Like i&u on Facebook.
2) Like Pramsandwich on Facebook.
3) Comment on this post and tell us about your most awkward breastfeeding moment or maternity wardrobe disaster. Or if you are a dad wanting to treat mum to a new dress (how nice are you?!) tell us why your other half deserves to be spoilt this Mother’s Day. Or if you are just uber stylish and haven’t had any wardrobe disasters (at least none your baby-brain can remember), then tell us why you deserve a beautiful new dress this Mother’s Day.

Competition Conditions
– You may enter between 12am Saturday 21 April 2012 and Midnight Saturday 12 May 2012. Australian Eastern Standard Time (AEST).
– Winner will be notified by email and on on Mother’s Day Sunday 13 May 2012. Just give me time to eat breakfast in bed (hint hint Mr J) and I will post the winner.
– Winner may choose any i&u dress in stock.
– 20% discount is valid on all i&u dresses purchased between 22 April and 13 May 2012, with mention of Pramsandwich. Limit 1 per customer.
– Competition open to readers worldwide.

Go on you deserve it! Comment now and win!!

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13 Responses to “Mother’s Day Giveaway, WIN an i&u dress”
  1. karen says:

    I always put my kids needs ahead of mine. I deserve something this beautiful new dress for Mother’s Day.

    • pramsandwich says:

      Karen, I know that feeling! Sometimes it is hard to remember to spoil yourself isn’t it? Thank you for entering the competition, the winner will be announced on Mother’s Day.

  2. Esther says:

    I have had a very traumatic pregnancy this time around and I was unable to breastfeed my first child. I would love to have a stylish dress that is functional for breastfeeding to make it a beautiful experience for myself and my daughter to be. I owe her that much!

    • pramsandwich says:

      Esther, I am sorry to hear you are having a difficult pregnancy. I had pre-eclampsia when I was pregnant with Finn and I know how difficult pregnancy can be if you are feeling unwell or something goes wrong. I hope things get better for you. That’s lovely that you are going to try breastfeeding again. Thank you for entering the competition, the winner will be announced on Mother’s Day.

  3. Pam says:

    I love breastfeeding my little one! But oh how I hate staring at the closet, trying to find something that looks halfway decent to go out in public wearing while still being able to nurse. Most of the time it’s wearing a shirt I have to lift and show off my stomach (not attractive!) or wearing that same nursing tank over again (blah!). Haven’t had any major wardrobe disasters yet but she’s only 4 months so I’m sure plenty are to come :-) Would just love something that looks nice, is comfy, and not a struggle of getting the boob to the baby.

    • pramsandwich says:

      Hi Pam, I do know how you feel! Especially as I hate folding laundry so I often look in my closet only to find it completely empty of anything that I can breastfeed in and with winter coming up I am even less inclined to want to lift up my top (and freeze!) while breastfeeding. Thanks for entering, we will be announcing the winner Mother’s Day.

  4. may says:

    I want to win this beautiful dress for my lovely cousin who is going to give birth any minute. She deserves this as a present for her to celebrate her first Mother’s Day!

    • pramsandwich says:

      Hi May, what a lovely idea, I wish your cousin all the best during this exciting time! Thanks for entering, the winner will be announced on Mother’s Day.

  5. Elixabeth says:

    My beautiful son is 7 weeks old this week! Through a rough first couple weeks of breastfeeding…through tears (mine an his) and bleeding, painful nipples, we are still breastfeeding! Would love a new dress for my first mothers day (especially since I still have 25 lbs to loose an cant fit into anything I used to wear ;)

    • pramsandwich says:

      Wow Elizabeth, you go girl! Well done what an amazing effort to keep up breastfeeding despite all those difficulties. Ouch! Don’t worry it does get easier. Now Finn is nine months old he just pops on and has a quick feed all by himself, nothing like those early weeks where you really have to work at it. I’m sure the weight will come off, breastfeeding helps with that too. Thanks for entering, the winner will be announced on Mother’s Day.

  6. Summer says:

    I haven’t had many wardrobe malfunctions, but there have been a few times I just didn’t realize my boob was hanging out after my nursling had popped off!! :)
    I want a new dress! I miss wearing dresses and have a hard time justifying to myself spending the $$ on nursing dresses.

    • pramsandwich says:

      Hi Summer, yes I know that feeling! Especially when bub gets curious and just wants to look around :) Check out i&u for a 20% discount this week. I hope you find something you like :) thanks for commenting!

  7. pramsandwich says:

    Thank you to everyone who entered. I am delighted to announce that Esther Hur is the winner of an Innovation & You (i&u) breastfeeding dress. And because we think every mother deserves a beautiful new dress this Mother’s Day, we are extending the 20% off all i&u dresses in stock for everyone for another week! Details at

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