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Friday night I went out with the girls for the first time since pregnancy, birth and bubs. It was a perfect night, never dropping below comfortable dress wearing temperature all night. The night started with a classy Japanese meal and green tea infused plum wine and ended with a not so classy bit of naughty McDonalds in the car to soak up the alcohol (beloved and sleeping bubby kindly having picked me up). Anyway, I’m breastfeeding, I need the calories right?!


It was hard to say good bye. Come on now, you may be thinking, you were only going to be gone a few hours. But I must remind you that bar one time when Mr J and I went to a gig and left bubs with nanna, Finn and I have been joined at the hip 24/7 since the moment of his birth (except the very long twenty minutes I had to wait in recovery while my legs regained movement after my emergency caesarean). So the possibility of a night without my gorgeous little side kick filled me with excitement but also slight trepidation. What if he couldn’t sleep? What if something ailed him and only a mummy cuddle would do? What if he didn’t want his bottle? A rather hard cold rubbery substitute for the warm cuddly breast-feeds we have together.


So I took my time saying good bye, several times..

Bye bye button

Finn has only very recently discovered the joy that is grilled cheese on toast and so as to make the car journey a little more pleasant and ease the upcoming separation we brought with us some grilled cheese and dad sat in the back with him while he ate.

Cheese toast in the car, dropping mummy off



Hi Auntie M

We arrived in the city and the girls gathered around to have a dance and a cuddle with their favourite little man. If he’s this popular with the ladies when he’s a teenager he’s going to be happy!

Let's dance

“The sooner I start drinking the better”, I said, to which Auntie M laughed. But what I really meant was if I wanted to clear the alcohol out of my system by the time I got home to feed Finn, I didn’t want to leave it too late. So we ordered the most interesting plum wines on the menu (there was a whole page devoted entirely to plum wines, my kind of place!) The green tea infused plum wine was delicious, the bitter tea perfectly balanced by the sweet fruity wine. Auntie M ordered the citrus infused plum wine after the waitress told her that it was the drink all the staff drunk and loved, it was particularly refreshing and tasted like grapefruit juice but infinitely more delicious.


The sashimi was glossy and fresh and even the weird looking lightly seared fish was delicious. Definitely some of the freshest tasting sushi I’ve had in Melbourne.

Mmm sashimi

I love agedashi tofu and as one of us was vegetarian (not me) it was a must. This was so searing hot and so delicious we had to order another. I also love edamame but I find it can be a little hit and miss for some reason, often being cold and tasteless. However, this edamame was toasty hot and salted to perfection.

Agedashi tofu & edaname

Yum, doesn’t this picture just make you want to eat it? The gyoza was so tasty. I could easily eat some more right now!


While this may not be the first venue you would think to take kids, the service is fast, there is a variety of dishes that would appeal to kids (the gyoza for example), the staff are friendly and there are two highchairs (sorry about the low quality photo I was trying to be inconspicuous as it wasn’t our table). Shortly after these people left, a baby did in fact come and inhabit it for the rest of the evening and seemed quite happy.

High-chairs available

Our night continued on but the photography did not. It’s funny how quickly and dramatically your life can change. I almost felt a little nervous going into the bar and out of place some how, like I had a neon sign across my forehead that read “boring with baby”. However, if that were the case the men in the bar clearly couldn’t read, rather they seemed to think the sign read, “could be single, could be interested”. Alas for them I was not interested and ten minutes into the conversation when I started pulling out phone photos of my baby and talking about frozen breast-milk, neither were they.

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