The importance of Date Night

Blue Moon Bar
380 Russell Street
Melbourne, VIC 3000
03 9639 5875

Blue Moon is located in close proximity to universities and with deals like half price drinks on Monday and free sparkling for ladies Saturday, this bar, restaraunt, cafe adjacent the Space Hotel is a popular hang out.

My two hansom boys with two cheeky grins

While bub was just a small bump in my tummy, I remember someone saying that one of the most important things to remember when we had the baby was to make time for each other. At the time it made sense but I kind of thought, well of course we will, we love spending time together, a baby won’t change that. And it hasn’t, we still love each other’s company and no one can make me laugh and lift my spirits quite like the beloved. However, before your beautiful baby comes bouncing into your life you can’t quite imagine how much you will love this little person or how all consuming caring for them will be. Time does have a habit of flying by and before you know it six months has gone by and you’ve had more conversations about where to buy the best nappies, how finely to mash the baby food and which boob bub prefers than you have had adult conversations. High heels, dresses and make-up have been replaced by attractive kmart numbers usually featuring stripes and baby spew (what is it with all breastfeeding tops being stripy?), slippers and unwashed hair.

So all of a sudden reflecting on this last night I decided, to hell with it, I was going to wash my hair put on a pair of heels and a new dress and take my two boys out. Ok so usually the whole idea of date night is to go without the little ones but as it was last minute we thought this would still work. The thing I love about scoopons is that no matter how dire your bank account is looking and how long it is until the next pay day, you can still go out and enjoy a nice meal.

I banned Mr J from the bedroom while I got ready and the look on his face when I emerged four inches taller in black leather heels and a mad men style Laura Ashley dress, said it had been worth the effort.

My first impression of Blue Moon Bar was that it looked more like a bar than a restaurant (I guess I should have paid closer attention to the name). It was noisy and fairly full for a Sunday night. Most people were drinking and only a few were eating. I worried that the food wouldn’t be that great. However, the staff were very helpful, offering to help manoeuvre the pram and giving us our choice of table. The service was quick and soon we were sitting enjoying a very nice bottle of complimentary red wine. Finn, Mr J and I had all spent the afternoon in our big bed, reading and napping (the perfect way to spend a Sunday afternoon), so Finn was full of energy and was bouncing about and squealing talkatively. One advantage of a slightly noisier venue is that no one minded the racket Finn was happily making and I saw more than one clucky woman looking our way and smiling.

First was the salad course which was a choice between lamb, nicoise and Greek. We chose Greek, it came in a tower sort of formation with a balsamic syrup drissled on the side. It was fresh and tasty and abundant with lovely black shiny olives.

We both ordered the scotch fillet, perhaps because our post Christmas budget has meant we have been quite lean on meat lately. I ordered my steak medium-rare and it was cooked to perfection. I was impressed. While this place was certainly not fancy, they knew how to cook a good steak. I’ve never actually tried onion rings, batter and onion being two of my not so favourite things. I was surprised to find they were better than they sounded. The best thing about this dish was the tasty jus which cascaded off the steak and onto the morish fries. I had to stop myself from finishing off the whole lot!

It was so lovely to sit and enjoy a nice glass of wine and a good steak and Finn was so happy to be out and about and soaking up the sociable atmosphere that we were free to engage in adult conversation and appreciate the person we fell in love with first.

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