Laurent Boulangerie Patisserie (Ivanhoe)

139 Upper Heidelberg Rd
VIC, 3079
03 9497 3844

So you have probably already been to one of the 14 Laurent Patisserie’s dotted around Melbourne but I’m going to give you my take on it.

Laurent Boulangerie Patisserie

The Ivanhoe Laurent is right near our family doctor. A while back the little one had an ear infection poor fella. It was a hard week of crying through eardrops (both of us), sleepless nights and lots of cuddles on the couch. It was made worse by the fact that both beloved and I had the flu. So towards the end of the week when we were all finally on the mend, I decided to treat myself to lunch at Laurent after our final check up with the doctor.

Pastrami on ciabatta and hot chocolate

I ordered a toasted pastrami sandwich on ciabatta. I love Laurent’s ciabatta and I got a loaf to take home with us as well. The bread is chewy and soft and has a lovely bite to it. The sandwich was filled with yummy basil rich pesto, pastrami, tomato and lettuce. It went very nicely with a rich hot chocolate. We sat in the window and watched the passers-by. Finn was snugly asleep in his sling against my chest. Suddenly the world was right again. I love that feeling after you have been sick and emerge out into the world again, as if coming out of a cocoon to a better world.

Mmm pecan tart

On the way out I admired the cakes, they are so pretty. I have to say though they are quite pricey. Luckily for me there were little taste testers of the lemon tart at the counter. I’ll be honest, I may have had more than one piece, very lemony and delicious, just the right amount of zest.

Cherry danish and frangipani and almond tart

We hurried home as we were meeting my cousin at home. I grabbed a cherry danish and an almond and frangipani cake to take home for afternoon tea. I had intended to get a small danish but happily discovered I had got the large one when I opened the bag at home. Oh what a shame! We managed to polish them off quite easily. The cherry danish is my favourite and I often stop in for one when I am in the area. While I was pregnant, Mr J and I got into the habit of having danishes at Laurent for breakfast on Saturday and reading the paper over coffee. The frangipani cake was unexpectadly delicious, better than it looks with a lovely moist almond meal base and sweet jam like blobs of frangipani.


Laurent is a trusty patisserie where you can rely on getting fresh bread, lunch and a cake for later. The prices are a little steep but you know that you are guaranteed to find the same trusty pastries and baguettes each time and it’s a safe bet for lunch on the run (beats fast food and if there is a park out the front it’s almost as fast as drive through). The vibe is fairly casual and there are outdoor tables perfect for sitting with the pram.

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