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So I don’t want to give the wrong impression, I don’t usually eat out twice in one day, I actually intended to cook tonight. But I’m a little ashamed to say… I boiled my breast-pump, filling the house with toxic smoke. Ridiculous I know, quite shameful. When I say boiled I mean the entire thing melted down to the consistency of melted wax. I came home, thought I’d multitask, popped the pump and bottle in to sterilise and got on with writing in the other room. So there I was typing away some time later and I thought, funny something smells like burning, how odd I’m not cooking anything, and then the sickening realisation and dash to retrieve the smoking pot and fling open all the doors. When Jordan returned home I was freezing, sitting in the lounge with the front door wide open, feeling rather stupid. So when he suggested leaving the house to air out and going out for pizza I hastily agreed, he was very sweet about the whole mess.

Totis is a good family restaurant, good prices, hearty meals, big servings and full of large families (in both senses of the word). We discovered it sort of by accident when I was picking up Jordan from the station and had to go to the bathroom, I was quite pregnant and wasn’t in the mood to hold on. I burst in and asked where the toilets were and left without ordering anything. I was so impressed by how nice and easy going the waitstaff were that we came back to eat and were soon back again. We have quite often shared one main and a salad as the portions are very generous. Takeaway is also a great option.

Finn fell asleep in the car on the way there, so we brought his car capsule in and popped it beside our table.

Finn in his car capsule

I felt like pizza and ordered a small gourmet pizza called Giorgio, cute I wonder if it was named after one of the guys there, it seems like a family run place. I asked for added pineapple as I feel pineapple should be added to all pizzas, it’s just not the same without it.

Giorgios Pizza

The pizza was yummy and came quickly. The olives were particularly good, whole kalamata olives are always so much tastier then sliced olives. The pineapple was a good addition, as always. It was very filling and thankfully they gave me a pizza box to take the last piece home. I may have filled up on a little too many of Jordan’s chips…

Jordan ordered calamari, chips and salad. He hoped Finn wouldn’t get offended with dad eating the equivalent of his favourite toy squid (a product of their recent trip to the aquarium together).

Calamari, chips and salad
Finn and Squiddy

The chips were perfect and I must say I rather lost interest in my pizza when these plump crispy, soft in the inside little gems arrived across the table. The calamari was quite salty and a little sickening after a while but quite tasty, especially with the fresh lemon and yummy tartare sauce with a good lemon kick to it.

Finn slept through the whole meal right up until the end when he suddenly woke up, looking like “where on earth am I?”. I guess it must be strange falling asleep in the car and waking up somewhere entirely different to find your seat has actually been on a journey of it’s own.

Finn upon waking

Even though I was too full to eat it there I insisted we take a piece of their deliciously tangy, creamy lemon tart home. Finn and I are going to pop in the bath now (Finn’s favourite part of the day) and I’m very much looking forward to lemon tart in bed when we get out. I made sure we stopped on the way home for cream, I take my dessert very seriously.

Lemon tart

Toti’s is the perfect place for a relaxed meal especially if you are feeling particularly hungry. It has a homely feel about it and the waitresses are always friendly and attentive. Perfect for large crowds. No nappy table but plenty of space for prams. Right next to Rosanna station, in case you feel like taking the train out to this neck of the woods.

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