Gypsy Hideout

68 High St
Northcote, 3070
(04) 3316 6248

Gypsy Hideout

As my brother put it when he walked in a little late to brunch “hideout” is an apt description alright. With the name written in black marker on a brown paper bag in the window, you would be forgiven for not realizing it was there. The quirkiness doesn’t stop there, with an eclectic collection of ’70s dishes and souvenier teaspoons and juice served in a science esk beaker.

Finn soaking up Melbourne cafe culture with the Good Weekend

Despite deciding to meet for breakfast at 1pm, we were all late. Aunty M thought perhaps now we were parents we’d be up gardening and folding washing by 7am and was embarrassed to request a late meeting. Not so! I do believe it would be much harder with two little ones but with one bub we still manage a sleep in most weekends. Finn and I go down for an afternoon nap at 3.30pm everyday and he sleeps anywhere up until 7pm so he doesn’t need to go to bed until 9pm or so and then he sleeps in. I don’t understand why some people put there babies to bed super early only to be disappointed when they are wide awake at 5am. So many people told me we basically would never sleep again but they could’t be more wrong, in fact I found pregnancy far more tiring and difficult to sleep. So if you are pregnant, don’t listen to all the “advice” and warnings, just get through the pregnancy for me that was the hardest bit.


The Gypsy Hideout has only been open for a year and has a very clean, crisp, light feel with it’s white walls and astro-turfed courtyard out the back. It is quite low key and relaxed, after a while waiting we realized the reason we hand’t been given menus was that there were none and we crained our nexts to read the blackboard menu.

Australian florin teaspoon

Chocolate milkshake

The most exciting thing about the drinks when they arrived was the teaspoons, one of which sparked a debate about when florins were used as an Australian currency. If you are interested they were used prior to decimalisation in 1966, so not that long ago really. My milkshake was a little on the sweet side and not very cold. However, The coffee must have been good because it disappeared swiftly and beloved was soon ordering his second flat-white.

Fruit toast with ricotta and honey

I probably ordered badly because I ordered something that I could easily have made at home. However, I felt like something sweet and this was the only real option. The fruit toast with ricotta and honey was nice, good chunky fruit toast with lots of fruit, what you would expect really.

Chai latte

Seeing as we were at a Gypsy hideaway I thought I’d get my hippy on and order a chai latte, I thought a nice spicey chai would compliment the fruit toast well. The chai was nothing extraordinary but went nicely with the toast, again very cute saucer and spoon.

American quinoa porridge w/ poached pears, rhurbarb & morello cherry compote & almonds

Auntie M’s quinoa porridge was interesting and full of cinnamon but too sweet for my taste and without milk it seemed a little sickly. She quite liked it but agreed it was a bit too sweet. It sounded better on the menu than it tasted. For those of you who haven’t tried quinoa, you should, it is a very healthy grain packed full of protein and can be used in place of oats (a mixture can be quite good).

Double smoked gypsy ham, basil pesto, kefalograviera & tomato

I should have had a closer look at the lunch menu when I was ordering because this cafe’s strength seems to be in the lunches. My brother, Uncle S was the most successful orderer, deciding on the double smoked gypsy ham jaffa. I love it that it was served with extra butter, who doesn’t want to slather there sandwich in more butter? It came in a cute teepee shaped butter dish. The pesto was deliciously basil filled and the cheese melted to perfection and worked well with the ham. Kefalograviera (long name!) is a hard sheep’s milk cheese, often used in the Greek fried cheese dish called Saganaki.

Moroccan style meatballs w/ baby spinach wrapped in roti bread w/ a dollop of chilli citrus labneh

Mr J also ordered well, ordering the meatball wrap. It came with a puddle of labneh and some hot slices of chilli (which I saw Mr J quietly burning his mouth on and taking out of his mouth). The home made meatballs were full of flavour but were a little rich after a few bites and could have done with some more spinach leaves to tone it down. The chilli citrus labneh (strained yogurt) didn’t taste very citrusy and was a little like sour cream, it went well with the wrap.

Gypsy Elixir (mixture of berry juices)

Uncle S requested a cranberry juice but was told the only juice available was a house made concoction containing a whole lot of different berries, most of which Uncle S didn’t know what they were. Upon tasting the potion he proclaimed it tasted exactly like cranberry juice.

Little biscuits and sweets in bell jars

Date filled shortbread

The date shortbreads looked too good to resist sitting under it’s bell jar, so I got one for later. Sure enough when the afternoon tea urge hit it was just the thing, soft and crumbly and nut covered with a lovely sweet date filling.

Finn and Aunty M

Having a play

Finn seemed very happy and relaxed as it was not too hectic or noisy and he was happy to feed, play with his aunt and have a good nap. While Gypsy hideout seems like a nice spot to bring kids because it is low key, I got the impression that families are not their desired clientele (perhaps they fancy themselves a little too trendy?).

Don’t be fooled by the inviting outdoor area either, I was told that, “our back yard is not a playground but instead an area for the grownups to relax”.

High chairs are not available. A shame really, as the toasties would be great for kids. However, I recommend going somewhere more accommodating.

How do you feel about hippy drinks? Do you ever substitute your morning coffee for chai?

Have a favourite hidden away cafe spot? Come on share the secret with us below!

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