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21 Anderson st
Templestowe, 3106
(03) 9846 1926

It was a sunny Monday and Finn and I had the pleasure of Nanna L’s company, as she had the week off work. We thought we would make a day of it and go to Heidi Gallery, have lunch at Cafe Vue and have a walk down the nearby walking track to the river. Unfortunately, Monday turned out to be the only day of the week when both the gallery and cafe are closed. We discovered this after the rigmarole of getting Finn out of the car when he was trying to sleep, finding the nappy bag and locating the cafe. So we decided the contingency plan would be a short walk and food elsewhere stat. Being a slight food nerd I have the Good Cafe Guide in the glove-box so it wasn’t long before we were back in the car and heading to the only cafe in Templestowe mentioned in the guide.

Snoozing in the pram

To say I was starving was an understatement. I had chosen extra sleep over breakfast and it was past one o’clock. Finn has an interenal clock that tells him six o’clock is a good time to wake up and start kicking mummy hard in the stomach over and over again until I wake up, fed him, give up on going back to sleep and start to get up at which point he decides his work is done and goes back to sleep.

Ruler of the roost

Maybe this could all be avoided if he just slept in his own cot (we have a very nice one set up right next to the bed) but he doesn’t want a bar of it, in fact he refuses to sleep without his mum, preferably with unencumbered continuous access to boob. At first he would start the night in his own bed and then after a feed refuse to go back so we set aside fears of suffocating him and snuggled him in with us (on the suffocation note, he sleeps in my arms with the doona pulled away from him). After a while it became more and more in with us, less and less in separate beds, until one of us couldn’t sleep without the other. One night he fell asleep with hubby for a change and then I couldn’t sleep! He is kind of like a warm cuddly hot water bottle/teddy hybrid (with farting issues). I do enjoy the closeness and being able to feed him when he wants without too much fuss. So somehow I have found myself in the realms of the attachment parenting/ co-sleeping camp. That being said, I am not taking sides, whatever works is much better than anything done on principal. Anyway, I digress, so I was up on sleep (I went back to sleep after the kicking regime finished) and down on food, far down on food, so far down I could feel my stomach lining complaining.

Sausage Roll & Green bean Salad

Walking into Harry’s I was happy, there was food aplenty on display and it looked good. Flashy pear and parmesan and green bean salads winked at me from behind the glass and rich cakes shouted eat me loudly from their cabinet. I do love a good homemade sausage roll especially when I’m really hungry. I think it dates back to being the only vegetarian (was then, not now) in my primary school class on lunch order day and watching my classmates slather sausage rolls and meat pies in sauce while I nibbled away at a beetroot soaked salad sandwich.

Back courtyard area

We sat out the back in the courtyard and the food came very swiftly (almost too swiftly, had it been microwaved?) However, tucking in the flacky crisp pastry assured me that it had not. The mixed beef and pork filling was tasty and morish, you can definitely taste the difference with homemade. The green bean salad was fresh and tasty and a came in a generous portion. I polished everything off and washed it down with a generous chocolate milkshake. It was the tuckshop experience of sausage roll and Big M only better.

Chocolate Milkshake


Nanna L reported the coffee to be very good. With cafe owner, Frank Deluise, growing up at Cafe Romantica, his father’s 30 year business in East Brunswick, I wasn’t surprised. In fact if you are lucky you may even chance on a coffee at Harry’s made by Luciano Deluise himself. She ordered the beef lasagna and rocket, pear and parmesan salad. I can report both were delicious. The lasagna was well heated with an abundance of sauce and no crispy undercooked forgotten pieces of pasta sticking out the top.

Beef lasagne w/ rocket, parmesan and pear salad

Finn happily sat in his pram and when he got hungry he wasn’t too frantic and distracted to eat, the quite courtyard providing the perfect feeding area, ok so the view was of the Safeway carpark not parklands but who is complaining, it was quiet and peaceful and we were waited on by friendly staff who brought big plates of yummy food.

Home-made baklava

All in all a great meal as it should be, fresh, made from scratch and large enough to quell even the most ferocious appetite. We also took home some delicious homemade baklava, nutty and cinammony and full of honey (thanks Nanna L). Despite the absence of a change table, very kid family with a number of prams in all three eating areas (inside, outside front and back). I shall return!
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