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Maternity Fashion on a Budget

I’ve had enough. Last pregnancy I got around in the hubby’s t-shirts and hoodies and spent the whole time looking and feeling frumpy. I hate spending a lot of money on maternity clothes that have such a limited shelf life. It annoys me that as soon as you say ‘wedding’, ‘baby’ or ‘pregnancy’ suddenly the price doubles. While you can get away with a lot of your pre-pregnancy wardrobe for the majority of the pregnancy there does come a time for new clothes. Yesterday I went to an outlet maternity store expecting to find some bargains and was irritated that everything was still over $100. So I decided to take myself (with Finn in tow) to Cotton On in search of some strechy numbers. Happily I found 6 tops, 2 skirts, a belt and 2 scarves all for $109!

This pregnancy I have decided that I will only wear clothes that make me feel good (and hopefully look good too) so that I can enjoy my gorgeous bump. And I have decided to share my fashion bargains and outfits with you. So here is the first installment. Comfy daytime wear to get me through this cold day! Enjoy!


Weeks: 17

Scarf: Cotton On $15

Belt: Cotton On $10

Magenta T-shirt: Cotton On, 3 for $30

Lace Skirt: Cotton On $10, elastic waist

Leggings: Pea in a Pod Outlet $20 (last pregnancy), so comfy!

Boots: Diana Ferrari Outlet $80 (last winter)

Grey Cardigan: My Cousin’s hand-me-down :)

Black Cardigan: Hand-me-down from my ex-boyfriend’s mother 10 years ago

Total: $65 for clothes, $145 including boots


What do you think? Would you wear this?

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How to cut boy’s hair

To be completely honest I think I have only had one haircut since Finn was born, the main reason being that I just can’t justify spending that amount of money on a haircut. While I don’t trust myself with cutting my own hair (I’ve seen the results of mum cutting her own fringe), I do cut Mr J’s and now Finn’s too.

I was a little bit unsure of how to tackle Finn’s adorable little mane, as his hair is so fine, I had less leeway than with his father’s.

I found this site and followed their advice. It was pretty easy even with Finn wiggling. The only thing I would caution you with is when doing the back don’t cut too much hair as the hair underneath may be very wispy and in Finn’s case kind of invisible.

This is how to cut your boy’s hair in 4 easy steps:

  1. Dampen hair and comb.
  2. Cut at 45 degree angles from the top of the ear down and then again about half way down the ear.
  3. Pull middle section of hair up and cut at 90 degree angle.
  4. Cut around ears.


So there you have it, easy, cheap, fast and cute results.

Have you cut your children’s hair? What were the results? Would you do it again?

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The big fat cover up

To say I have been grossly mislead would be an understatement. Let us recap every Hollywood movie depicting pregnancy shall we? First, approximately one minute of unpleasantness (only in the morning) and perhaps loss of breakfast in an amusing an inappropriate place, followed by a beautiful rounded belly (but amazingly slender legs of course), elation, eating peanut butter ice-cream and olives at 3am, and soon after a short screaming session, some pushing and out pops a beautiful clean baby (usually in reality around 3 months old). Sounds ok, right? Quick, painless and you spend the whole time looking amazing and glowing from the inside.


Imagine my confusion and dismay when I am presented with the reality of the situation. First of all the term ‘morning sickness’ is in my opinion very poorly named and it is certainly not one quick amusing moment and onto the next stage, unless you consider a few months of all day nausea quick. If there was a movie of me pregnant I think it might actually help with the escalating population problem. Hours and hours of lying on the couch in my partner’s daggy hockey t-shirt whining about how crap I feel wouldn’t make great viewing. Even after the weeks of whinging when I finally started to show, I’m not sure my spreading belly that is somewhere between too many donuts and actually pregnant would look that hot on film. Nor would the last few months, when all I could think was puffer-fish when I saw my face in the mirror. If we were to go on and actually film the birth I’m sure that would do more that just fix the population problem. And yet here I am for round two, so who knows maybe it wouldn’t scare anyone because as all who have been there know we’d actually put up with a damn lot to be rewarded with such an amazing gift. I only wish we had a little forewarning maybe then I wouldn’t feel like I’m getting it all wrong.


Anyone else out there feeling like they have been mislead? That this is a little harder than everyone claims? Please comment, so I feel less alone! And if you are one of those ‘oh I just loved being pregnant, not a day of nausea’ people, please just don’t tell me!

Ps. Sorry I have been absent from my blog for so long, I was too busy wallowing on the couch ;) Oh and moving house.

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The 1st Birthday Party! Supporting and Celebrating Your Baby

The first birthday is such an important milestone in your baby’s life (and yours too). So how can you avoid the stress that often accompanies such milestones and ensure that both you and your baby enjoy the day?


It’s been a few months since Finn’s big day but for all of you out there busily preparing or dreaming about your baby’s first birthday party, click on over to my latest guest post on Positive Parenting Connection.

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Wordless Wednesday, DIY Play tunnel

Toys don’t need to be expensive to be awesome…


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Meaningful Play

Is your toddler busting to get up in your business all the time? This probably means they are trying to make sense of what you are doing and want to join in.


After all, no one wants to be an observer all the time. Sure when they were a baby they may have been content to just watch, everything was new and they were trying to get their bearings. However, as they enter the toddler stage around one year or so they are starting to get it. They can identify basic sequences and they start to recognise and understand the processes that make up their everyday life, such as into the high-chair for a snack, then a hand wipe after food and so on.


Toddlers are busting to learn to do everything that you can do. It is part of human instinct to learn independence so that we can survive and children look to their parents and other adults to learn the skills that they need to do this.

As a parent this stage is so exciting as you get to watch your child literally and figuratively taking their first steps towards independence. However, it is also insurmountably exhausting as they loudly proclaim that they absolutely must take part in every single thing you are doing. One of the more frustrating (albeit gorgeous) things that Finn is currently insisting on doing is pushing his pram, which involves me holding him up while he pushes the giant pram in front of him crashing into anything or anyone that gets in his path!

How can we encourage our children’s learning during this stage of development?

  • Let them join in where possible. Finn enjoys putting clothes in the washing machine and pressing the on button, putting groceries away on shelves, sweeping, vacuuming and wiping surfaces.
  • Give them opportunities to practice and model the task.

As I washed the dishes, I gave Finn his own dishes to wash next to me in a small tub of luke warm water with baby-safe bubble bath and a dish brush.


He was very pleased with himself to be doing his own dishes and I made sure to give him lots of encouragement. After months of just watching mum and dad do dishes, finally he got to get his hands wet and have a go! If only the excitement of doing dishes stayed with us always!!

How do you include your child in chores around the house? What do they enjoy doing most?

Check out Finn helping his uncle move house a few months back. (Was he really that tiny only 4 months ago?!)

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